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FI - Biography

Hôgsta domstolen (Supreme Court of Finland)
Tatu Leppänen, dr. jur.
President of the Supreme Court
President since: 1 September 2019
Member of the Supreme Court since: 2016
Biography and career

Born in Hämeenlinna, Finland on 19 July 1968. Master of Laws 1990, Licentiate of Laws 1992, Master of Laws with court training 1994 and Doctor of Laws 1998. Specialist Vocational Qualification in Leadership 2013.

Acting assistant and grant researcher in procedural law at the Faculty of Law of the University of Helsinki 1991–1997, assistant in procedural law 1997–2002, fixed-term assistant professor 1997–1998 and adjunct professor from 2002. Trainee District Judge at the Helsinki District Court 1993–1994, fixed-term Referendary of the Supreme Court 1995–1996. Between 1996 and 1999 he served for fixed terms as a Referendary and Senior Secretary of the Ombudsman at the Office of the Parliamentary Ombudsman.

Fixed-term Senior Specialist at the Law Drafting Department of the Ministry of Justice 2000–2001, fixed-term Senior Ministerial Adviser in Legislative Affairs and Senior Ministerial Adviser in Legislative Affairs 2001–06 and 2008–09. Fixed-term District Judge 2007–2008 and District Judge of the District Court of Vantaa 2010–2014. Fixed-term Judge of the Court of Appeal of Helsinki 2010. Chief Judge of the District Court of Hyvinkää 2014–2016. Justice of the Supreme Court 1 September 2016–31 August 2019. President of the Supreme Court from 1 September 2019.

Positions as chairman, member or specialist in numerous working groups in the administrative sector of the Ministry of Justice. Published writings and held positions of trust. His work in research, teaching and legislative drafting has centred around procedural law, especially the areas of civil procedure, presentation of evidence and debt recovery procedure.